1. Have fun; it's what we are all here for!
    2. Celebrate effort and good play from both sides
    3. Always respect the referee and coaches and encourage players to do the same
    4. Please do not speak or try to coach the players during active play. This will only distract the players concentration and they may following match instructions from the Manager. The Club have ZERO tolerance to this behaviour. If you need to ask questions or would like to comment on match play please do so directly with the team manager after the game has finished.
    5. Stay behind the touchline and within the designated spectators area (where provided)
    6. When players make mistakes, offer them encouragement to try again next time
    7. Never engage in, or tolerate offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour. There are protocols in place for the Club to file a report.

    By signing this form I understand that if I do not follow the Club Code of Conduct I may be:

    1. Issued with a verbal warning or asked to leave
    2. Required to meet with the Club Committee, league or Club Welfare Officer
    3. Obliged to undertake an FA education course.
    4. Requested not to attend future games, be suspended or have my membership removed
    5. Required to leave the Club along with any dependents and/or be issued with a fine


Spectators and Parents Club Code of Conduct

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Play Your Part and support the Club's & FA's Code of Conduct